Summer Camp 2024

Posthuman Summer Camp - 2nd Edition
(10-13 agosto 2024)!

"Posthuman(ist) Co-existence"

We are pleased to announce that You can now submit Your application to participate as an "Auditor" at the upcoming Posthuman Summer Camp. The camp will be held from August 10th to 13th, 2024, in Galliera, Italy.

Who are auditors?

By "auditors," we refer to people who participate in the proposed workshop activities during one or more days of the Summer Camp; they will also will join communal lunches and dinners. Auditors will not be responsible for proposing or leading activities. The Posthuman Summer Camp is fully run by volunteers and is a non-profit event. Auditors are required to contribute a daily fee (85€ per day) per person to cover expenses. 




"Posthuman(ist) Co-existence"

1. The Posthuman Summer Camp - 2nd edition
Based on the engaging experience of the first edition of the Posthuman Summer Camp (Italy, August 2023), the Italian Posthuman Network and the Centro Studi di Filosofia Postumanista are excited to announce the second edition of the Posthuman Summer Camp. This event is scheduled for 3 full days (August 10-11-12 2024); we will inaugurate on August 9 (at 7pm: Welcoming event ) and depart on August 13th (morning, after breakfast). The event will take place in Galliera, Italy, at Naturama, the zooanthropological hub of SIUA (Scuola di Interazione Uomo-Animale) - Full address: Via Cà Bianca 7A, Galliera (BO), Italy. 

2. What is it?
The Posthuman(ist) Summer Camp is an in-person, collaborative, and creative gathering of people researching posthumanism in different ways (academic and independent scholars, artists, scientists, performers, activists, seekers etc.) aimed at translating post-dualistic and post-anthropocentric theories into praxes, in experimental ways. We aim to collectively imagine and co-create broader trajectories for posthumanist education. This event is not conceived of as a traditional academic summer school. Rather than focusing on frontal activities, we aim to maximize interactive, practical, and outdoor workshops, exploring innovative forms of learning, knowledge production, and sharing. Co-living experiences (such as eating and cleaning together) will be part of the posthumanist exploration of our camp. 

3. This year’s theme
Further developing last year investigation of the topic ‘Posthuman Praxes’, we aim to continue the inquiry of practices of community building and education through the theme ‘Posthuman(ist) Co-existence’, here intended in a broad sense, including the ever-evolving challenges in human-human, as well as human-nonhuman and nonhuman-nonhuman relationships across different scales, evident in various global contexts and experiences. 

4. Participants
This call primarily targets people engaged in posthuman studies in its diverse forms (academic, independent, artistic) seeking a space to delve deeper into themes and strengthen connections in alternative ways, envisioning the construction of larger collaborative projects together.

Participants are required to have a satisfactory level of knowledge and understanding of the field of Posthumanism, in its variants. This Camp is conceived of as a space of generative experimentation of the theory in practice, based on a praxes of dignity and respect of all entities involved. 

Children are allowed at the summer camp. Those coming with children are responsible for organizing specific activities (in accordance with the organizing team) and for supervising them.

Nonhuman Animals are also allowed at Naturama. Those bringing animals are required to ensure their animal's well-being (especially considering the summer heat), and to supervise them. 

5. Costs
Please, note that the Posthuman Summer Camp is based on volunteer work only; no revenue is made; costs simply cover the local price of living. Thanks.

Food, venues and other materials
To cover expenses related to venues (for the full stay), food (vegan breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and coffee breaks) and materials, there is a fee of 250€, inclusive of the opening event on August 9th evening) until the closing event on August 13th in the morning. 

Accommodation and transportation
The costs of transportation and accommodation in local facilities are NOT included. The participants must independently arrange accommodations in Galliera or in the immediate vicinity (in the form, we have included a list of possible facilities). Naturama offers the possibility to stay in tents or campers with a small additional fee (10€ daily); there are 4 restrooms and 2 showers available, accommodating a maximum of 25 people. For those choosing to stay at Naturama, please note that you must provide your own mattress / tent / camper and any other items needed for your stay.

6. Deadlines
We have a limited capacity of up to 50 participants for this edition. If interested, please fill in the Application Form (see below) by 29 February 2024.

7. Application Form

Click HERE to apply for participation in the Posthuman Summer Camp 2024

OR click on the following link (Google Form):

8. Organizers

In alphabetic  order: Francesca Ferrando, Manuela Macelloni, Roberto Marchesini, Orsola Rignani, Stefano Rozzoni.

9. Info

For further info on Naturama, visit:

To discover more, please visit:

For further question, please contact

For info on last year edition, please read: Vision Quest in Posthumanist Education: Focuses, Praxes and Experiences (HERE is a self-archived version)

In the context of Posthuman Studies, attention towards education is gaining increasing significance to address the anthropocentric axioms embedded in contemporary worldviews. What is posthumanist education? This paper addresses this question affirming the importance of embodying posthumanist theory in practice. Attention will be dedicated to three original keywords: selves-care; flex(st)ability; commUnity. They will be investigated as possible posthumanist focuses to respond to current educational needs. This paper is not purely theoretical; it is anchored in material experiences that are being explored by posthuman communities worldwide. We will reflect, more specifically, on the Posthuman Summer Camp, a collaborative event organized by the Italian Posthuman Network (Italy, August 10–13 2023). In this essay, the realities and possibilities that emerged during the first edition of the Camp are embraced as embodied and embedded, experiential and experimental – clearly, existential – praxes, enlightening our vision quest on posthumanist education.

For further info, click HERE

Sullo sfondo, il quadro Metamorfismi di Orsola Rignani


Labyrinth at Okains Bay | Kāwatea, Banks Peninsula | Te Pātaka-o-Rākaihautū, New Zealand | Aotearoa. Photograph taken by Joanna Pascoe, 25 May 2024. Labyrinth designed by Stefano Rozzoni and Joanna Pascoe, drawn up by Anthony Pascoe, built by Grant Wylie, Helen Brown, Elizabeth Sugrue and Joanna Pascoe.